Outside Shot Photo of the Day Archives

“Nobody respects Lexington Catholic basketball more than I do.”
“A lot of people didn’t like us.”
“I just wanted to get there and win.”
“I love No. 14. It’s a part of me.”
“We prayed that the Lord would help me.”
“You gotta live it every day.”
“I hate Catholic with a passion.”
“We hated that look right there.”
“We just had each other.”
“Chad hated to lose. He would not let you lose.”
“We wanted them to win so bad.”
“We were like brothers.”
“You’re a true-blue Scott County fan.”
“It’s something nobody can ever take away from you.”
“If they only knew what a great kid he was.”
“I just thought it would be a clever idea to be the pope.”
“I felt like Chad was our motor.”
“We were the UK of high school basketball. We were the powerhouse.”
“You put your hands together and pray.”
“I’ve put in so many hours of work in the gym. And it’s all in that moment.”
“Basketball was my life. I wasn’t into nothing else.”
“You never want to lose to Lexington Catholic.”
“If you started at Scott County, you had the ability to go somewhere.”
“I must be good, since I’m the one that everybody’s dogging.”
“You can’t do nothing without your legs.”
“Scott County basketball means everything.”
“Failure’s never an option.”
“It was one of the toughest years of my life.”
“There are expectations.”
“Blessed be the Lord, my strength, which teacheth my hand to war.”
“I know I’m making him proud.”
“I knew how Kentucky fans were.”


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