Keith O’Brien

Catching the Sky

Catching the Sky

A Tale of Two Brothers

Dust and prairie were abundant on the Texas panhandle, the land that gave birth to generations of Moores. But instead of working the land or the cattle that fed upon it, the Moore brothers, Colten and Caleb, heeded another call. 

“I flew again last night,” Caleb would say. And Colten nodded. He understood. Colten had the same dreams. 

Their dreams, paired with hard work and family sacrifice, eventually became a reality. The Moore brothers, with boundary-exploding athleticism, innovation, and appetite for risk, became stars on the burgeoning freestyle ATV and snowmobile circuits. If it had wheels, they could flip it—often higher and better than anyone else—leading a band of young pioneers intent on breaking new ground, in a new sport, before multitudes of fans. 

They knew the risks—and they did it, anyway—competing against each other on national television. Again and again and again, until finally—perhaps inevitably—one crash changed everything for Moore brothers, their parents, and, indeed, an entire sport. 

In this vivid and page-turning narrative, Colten Moore offers a profound and deeply moving perspective on his life—and that of his brother. This is no paean, no homage, to flipping snowmobiles. On the contrary, Catching the Sky is a clear-eyed look at extreme sports, what drives people to take wild chances, and how one man, Colten Moore, couldn’t stop even after the worst possible outcome. His story reminds us that we can dream and sometimes achieve the impossible, that we can follow our own path and be who we want to be, that we can lose something, lose everything even, only to find it again—often in the most unlikely place.

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