Keith O’Brien

About Keith

About Keith

Keith O’Brien is a former reporter for the Boston Globe, a frequent contributor to National Public Radio, and a critically acclaimed author of books about dreams, Americana, and where the two meet.

His first book, Outside Shot, was published by St. Martin’s Press and recently released in paperback. The New York Times Book Review dubbed it a “reporting tour de force and an utterly gripping account” of the power and meaning of basketball in rural Kentucky, through the life and times of the Scott County Cardinals. “Outside Shot unmistakably triumphs,” declared the Times, “with the reader rooting hard for the Cardinals — and delighted that O’Brien has brought his considerable skills to telling their story.”

His second book, Catching the Sky, written with extreme motorsports star Colten Moore, came out in early 2016. The book — published by 37 Ink, an imprint of Atria at Simon & Schuster — tells the unlikely story of the Moore brothers from the panhandle of Texas and the tragedy that tore them apart. Publisher’s Weekly recently hailed it as “an early contender for 2016’s top sports books.”

O’Brien has written for the New York Times Magazine, Men’s Health, Slate,, the Boston Globe Magazine, Boston Magazine, USA Today, and the The Oxford American, the Southern Magazine of Good Writing. And he’s a regular contributor to several National Public Radio shows, including This American Life, Morning Edition, All Things ConsideredMarketplace, Here & Now, and Only A Game.

He often tells his wife that he is not a word guy, but evidence suggests otherwise. He’s a recipient of the Casey Medal for Meritorious Journalism, a graduate of Northwestern University, a little league coach, room dad, and the best parallel parker you’ve ever met.

He cannot hit a curveball.

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